Dr. Loredana Quadro's Story

Dr. Loredana Quadro, FIGS Faculty Mentor

At the close of each fall semester the FIGS Program hosts a Recognition Breakfast to celebrate all of the people whose hard work and dedication make this program possible. This year’s FIGS Recognition Breakfast, on December 11th, 2015, marked the first year that the FIGS Program awarded the Faculty Mentor Award to recognize a Rutgers faculty member who went above and beyond to help a Peer Instructor teach a FIGS class. Peer Instructors are required to find Faculty Mentors when planning their FIGs classes to gain insight on how to teach a first-year class in their field and to receive advice on serving as an educator.

The first recipient of this honor is Dr. Loredana Quadro, Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science. Dr. Quadro was enthusiastically nominated by her mentee, Exploring Nutrition Peer Instructor Breahnna Saunders, for her excellent mentorship. At the Recognition Breakfast Breahnna shared her gratitude for Dr. Quadro’s help in preparing for her FIGS class over the summer and throughout the fall semester. Breahnna explained that Dr. Quadro helped her think of informative content and meaningful assignments for her course while she was planning her lessons and then assisted her in adapting her class to the needs and interests of her students once the semester began. Dr. Quadro visited Breahnna’s class and gave a guest lecture on nutritional food labels, a topic that really interested Breahnna’s students. She also arranged for Breahnna’s class to visit her research laboratory and receive a tour, an experience that many of Breahnna’s students highlighted as their favorite experience in the course. It is clear that Dr. Quadro made a genuinely positive impact on Breahnna and her class. Breahnna closed her speech by stating that “Dr. Quadro deserves special recognition because she was truly interested in the experience of my students and always made herself available to assist in creating the best experience for them. She gave me great advice as well as assurance that I was progressing as an instructor during the experience.”

We would like to thank Dr. Quadro and all of the Faculty Mentors for all of their work helping FIGS Peer Instructors teach meaningful and engaging classes in their fields. Without the assistance of dedicated faculty members like Dr. Quadro the FIGS program would not be where it is today. Congratulations, Dr. Quadro!